Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

Look there isn’t anything more important during this 2022 recession than increasing your ability. To earn the income I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there is money everywhere. All you got to do is just claim it so in this video I want to put together a list of side hustles you can start today. With just a laptop as long as you have a wi-fi connection and a willingness to work.

I’m not going to say that these things are going to make you a millionaire but at least they’ll be able to replace your current income. Now before we get into a list of side hustles. Here are three things to focus on that will be 10x the results you get with this video number.

Side Hustles You Can Start During The 2022 Recession

Reverse engineering

One I want you to go ahead and reverse engineer all of the ways that you spend money. I know most people won’t do this but right now I want you to pull up your American Express. Statement your revolt statement whatever bank or credit card you use. I want you to pull it up and I want you to go through the list and look at all of the places that you’re spending money on.

You need to understand that business is simply an exchange of money in return. For value, the more cognizant you can be of the places where you are exchanging your money. In return for some sort of value or perceived value the more that you’re cognizant. And you’re aware of these things the better your ability to actually earn income. It will be the second thing if you are trying to provide a service for someone. Also, make sure you reach out with some sort of sample it is going to expedite. Their process expedites their willingness to actually give you money. It really comes down to a simple fact which is don’t tell me to show me and when you can provide them with some samples of work. They’re going to be far more willing to actually work.


With you and number three do more reach outs do more work than expected? There is money everywhere but you need to be smart enough to claim it now. As I said I’m about to shoot off a list of 17 different side hustle ideas. Now the difference between a side hustle and a business in my opinion is a business. Something basically you’re trying to go all in you know business is something where you’re trying to make seventy-five thousand dollars a year a hundred thousand dollars a year you know two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year half a million dollars a year a side hustle is something where you’re just trying to make a little bit of supplementary income on the side now if you want a comparison of the eight most common business models.

Youtube/Social media

I actually created the online money-making matrix I uploaded a YouTube video earlier this year using an equation and a formula to basically get down to the bottom of which online business model is the best I’m going to leave that as the first link in the description if you want to watch it anyways let’s get into the side hustle first up we have TikTok content creation TikTok is blowing up right now because of its algorithms and for both people and businesses it is a very valuable asset so whether you’re actually creating user-generated content for businesses or you’re just being a tick-tock editor for an influencer or a business.

Graphic designer

That can actually go ahead and repurpose so for example there are so many podcasts out. There you can actually come in and repurpose all of their podcast content. And tell them hey I’m going to create an entirely new channel for you with tick-tock number. Two graphic designers are you great with the design then go ahead. And look at places like Twitter and search for graphic design help on Twitter. You know on Twitter people will put out hey do you know any good graphic designers?

This is actually a very easy way to get clients you need to understand that there are hundreds of thousands of businesses out there that need better graphic design work and the difference in pay that they’re willing to give between a good graphic designer and a great graphic designer is massive number three we have a boutique marketing agency this is services any sort of service that could be literally anything whether that be thumbnails


Facebook ads google ads tick talk ads email marketing whatever it is basically any service that helps businesses make more money and the agency aspect of it is simply using leverage no longer just doing it yourself but using drop servicing to actually have someone else fulfil the services for you you’re just finding the clients and wrapping it all under your experience by the way that business small is actually

How I got to 80 000 a month back in 2018 two years into running my agency next we have Youtuber do you have something that you are super excited to talk about something you know you just can’t stop talking about to your friends and have you always felt that you might have a good propensity for being on camera wellbeing a YouTuber can actually be super lucrative bear in mind it’s a very slow burn for a long time you won’t make a lot of money I started uploading on YouTube back in 2015.

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