Small business packaging ideas to gain customer loyalty

As the eCommerce market becomes increasingly crowded, creative packaging becomes an important way for small businesses to stand out from the competition. To promote a good customer experience and help build brand loyalty, we recommend using branded or unique shipping materials. So, here we will be looking at small business packaging ideas.

While custom packaging may be more expensive than your standard shipping items, it is part of keeping your brand in people’s minds and creating a beautiful experience even outside the real store. Here, we will look at how to customize your shipping items from within and outside.

Customization of Shipping Container

For an eCommerce business, think of your shipping container as a storefront. As an amazing window display, a well-designed shipping container will leave a good impression on your customers and will tell them how to think about your product.

Here, we will look at three different types of customized container containers, with three different price points, and creative examples for each type of custom.

1. Fully Custom Packing

Price: $ 5.00– $ 40.00 per custom box (depending on size and level of customization)

Fully customizable packaging boxes, posters, or other types of fully customized shipping containers with your product and other design features that can be both inside and outside the container. This means that fully customized shipping items are those that have been branded and designed in addition to adding their own brand, and have created a great traditional feel and product touch.

This type of custom packaging is usually very expensive, but it will also have a huge impact. Usually, you see this type of pack of high-quality goods or subscription services.

For example, FabFitFun (FFF), a season-end beauty boxing company, creates new boxes for each season of its quarterly delivery. These four boxes and the contents inside are the only opportunities FFF will have to make good ideas for its customers and keep them coming back. Therefore, it makes sense that FFF invests heavily in its packaging materials to increase customer awareness and product impact.

For example:-

small business packaging ideas

2. Printed Stock Packaging

Price: $ 1.25– $ 20 per piece (depending on size and level of customization)

Printed stock boxes are another option to add a custom touch to your pockets. Printed stock boxes take stock of stock or other shipping containers and add your logo on the outside. This type of customization is a great way to drive your brand name home and increase recognition without adding great expense to your items.

In this type of custom packaging, you will want to make sure your logo placement is prominent — positioned vertically, up or in front of the box. Also, make sure you use enough black ink to make a difference to look good.

3. External Log Stickers

Price: $ 0.06– $ 7.00 per sticker (depending on size and customization level)

Another feature you can add besides your shipping items is to get an extra touch to customize the logo sticker. This is your most affordable branding option and, once stickers and boxes are ordered, stitching can be done in-house to save even more costs.

4. Thanksgiving Notes and Giving Cards

Price: $ 0.05– $ 1.00 per card (depending on customization and standard quality)

Adding a handwritten note of note, signing your name on a pre-printed card, or attaching a coupon voucher to your next purchase is an easy and inexpensive way to add a personal touch to your pocket. Cards and notes provide another way for customers to get involved in your business and will help people remember you the next time they go shopping. In this day and age, a busy, impersonal age can be so overwhelming that they share their knowledge of social media.

In my grocery store, for example, we can add handwritten notes of gratitude for any purchase in excess of $ 200. Women loved to get these notes and help us get them as repeat customers and get a few social media features. It was easy to make — our owners picked up unwritten books, and when we ran out of stores, we filled them with personal notes.

5. Logo Tags or Stickers

Price: $ 0.10– $ 2.00 (depending on material and size)

Adding a custom logo tag or sticker to your pocket is a great way to add a little personal twist, without breaking. Usually, you see custom tags attached to clothing, less expensive trinket items, and out of box products. Vistaprint is a great tool for customizing logos. This one is one of the best among all the small business packaging ideas.

6. Custom Tissue Paper and Inner Packaging

Price: $ 0.02– $ 4.00 (depending on material and size)

One way you can enhance your packaging and add a personal touch to enhance your product is to wrap individual products within your packages. This will show your customers that you care about their orders and that their goods are important. Additionally, it will make your product stand out, and if you use custom tissue paper or other branded items, this is another opportunity to enhance product recognition.

Think of packaging for sales such as clothing or cloth on tissue paper, glassware in well-secured boxes, and jewellery in small concealed containers. Some goods will need extra protection, while others will simply provide a better presentation if they are wrapped. Whatever your reason, consider adding a label to your interior wraps.


Smart packaging can help you enhance your product experience and improve customer recognition. Here we look at some of the best ways you can customize your packaging from the inside out. Whether you can spend just a few cents on a few stickers or want to invest a few dollars in customizing your packages, there are options here that will work for you. Hope you like the article on small business packaging ideas. Checkout Post allow for more

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