Age of Automation Is Your Child Ready

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Firstly, Work makes us feel special. For centuries human surnames were recorded for their work. Also, Looking back at England, Smith was used by blacksmiths, Miller was used by mill makers, and Weaver was used by tailors. So, The children inherited the culture and passed on the family tradition of the Age of Automation.

Now, we no longer take our surnames from our work but what remains is important so that we know who we are and the work we do. It is this ownership that has been put at risk by the rise of Automation. People are not only afraid of losing their jobs and wages, but also of their sense of purpose.

So, According to the World Economic Forum 2020 report on future jobs:

  • 85 million people will be replaced by machines or algorithms by 2025
  • By 2025, people and equipment will do the same work
  • 83% of businesses plan to accelerate their automation speedAge of automation

Lack of self-confidence is key in the Age of automation

There is a collection of jobs where machines can easily change people. One factor, though, is that the machines are struggling and people are overcoming the risk of unpredictability.

Tasks that reveal a lot of unexpected things, strange situations, complex and incomprehensible data – people will always be at the step of robots or machines. Therefore, the best way to survive the age of spontaneous childhood is to become familiar and unpredictable.

Prepare your children to discover the real world

With the advancement of technology and the growth of the physical world, the innate capacity to deal with the problems of the real world is becoming increasingly rare.

In addition to learning technical skills, if you want your children to be ready for the future and expand their career opportunities, you need to make sure they spend a lot of time away from their gadgets and find themselves in an unfamiliar, dirty, and real-world situation.

There is a great need to feel the real and real world around us and eliminate the digital filter. The age of automation as Artificial Intelligence fits into our physical world experience, it determines how we learn and participate. This practice reduces our level of ability to deal with data that does not provide data for AI to be used.

Visual experience comes with challenges and limitations. After that point, people have to get out of the physical world and have real, personal communication. This natural ability is not something AI will strike us with.

Involves children in Automation

We live in an age of technology. Kids are very familiar with technology and automation as they are always surrounded by smartphones, computers, tablets, etc. Children exposed to technology in their early years will be able to work better with them in the future.

It is important for parents and responsible caregivers to help children identify their interests in STEM and develop them. This is the way to build future leaders and entrepreneurs.

Introduce robots to children

Teaching robots at an early age is a good way to inculcate vital life skills. If you see your child enjoying the STEM field, then the important thing is to take it forward in the field of robots.

Learning about robots can help improve:

  • Creative thinking
  • Persistence
  • Problem-solving
  • Technical thinking
  • Learning about robots will create job opportunities for children and help them in school, college and studies.

School programs

Focus your children on school programs that offer the STEM curriculum. This is a great way to get your child ready for the future while engaging them in the community. Children who engage in after-school and after-school activities tend to have better academic performance, better social skills, and more direct classroom behaviour.

Also, Studying with their peers makes it easier for them to develop love and move toward a brighter future.

Summer camps

A good way to keep your children entertained while they are out of school. Age of automation Sends your child to a STEM learning camp.

Such a large summer camp is the Moonpreneur’s MoonCamp.

MoonCamp is a visual camp for enthusiastic tech kids aged 9-17. The camp incorporates a combination of technical skills, business acumen, and soft skills. Kids can choose between robots, home automation, and future technology, get hands-on learning resources and learn business and eCommerce through gamification.

Encourage children in STEM

STEM Learning offers opportunities to learn to write codes, robots, app development, game development, automation, all while having fun.

So, We can prepare our children for an automated future by encouraging them in STEM learning. Secondly, These skills will only grow in value and demand and making children indulge in them today guarantees a better future.


So, The nature of the “future jobs” will see a big change. Also, Change is happening now as we speak and it is important for us to prepare our children for what is to come. Automation is the future and makes life easier.

Age of automation the question is before we face the obvious threat of future change, do we really want to challenge it? So, more blogs will be coming in the Education section. Data are from Moonpreneur.

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