All you need to know about Grammy 2022

Grammy 2022: All you need to know about Grammy Awards

The Grammy 2022 Awards have arrived again, after a three-month delay due to an increase in Covid cases in the US.

The star-studded event is traditionally called the “biggest night of music”; which includes both the scale of the event and the length of its catch.

The first prize will be awarded in Las Vegas at 12:30 on Sunday; a game that throws thrombosis eight hours before the annual album award is presented at 20:30 local time (04:30 UK).

There are a total of 70 categories, everyone from Lady Gaga to Barack Obama on the shortlist.

Unlike last year’s small event, featuring a mix of life and previously recorded live events; the 2022 event will be a regular show – with Billie Eilish, and Lil Nas X. MGM Grand Arena.

1) Voters had to listen to music

About 22,000 songs and albums have been submitted for consideration this year; resulting in the expansion of the shortlist for major categories from eight to ten for the first time.

“We live in a time of incredible growth in music,” explains Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason, Jr. “More than 60,000 songs are released a day. With a lot of music available.

2) Olivia Rodrigo is the winner

grammy 2022

Disney pop star Olivia Rodrigo has been nominated in all four categories – and she has an honorable sweep.

A 19-year-old girl is trapped inside a new lead singer; and his state-of-the-art ballad Drivers License is a powerful contender for the song of the year (music and lyrics) as well as an annual record (awarding production, play and engineering).

One stage where he may encounter a problem is the album of the year; when his debut album with peppy Sour contradicts the intricate, intricate musical works of Jon Batiste, Kanye West and H.E.R.

If Rodrigo wins all four awards, he will be the only third artist in history to do so, behind Christopher Cross and Billie Eilish.

3) The 1934 song will be recorded for a year

Yes, you read that well. Cole Porter’s song I Get A Kick Out Of You is one of 10 songs still on record for the year, thanks to a new version of Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s cover version.

It’s part of a Grammy 2022 sacred tradition of recognizing an old guard – whether their recent release has helped define a year in music.

In Bennett’s case, it is a fitting tribute to their eighty-year career in concert halls and venues. The star announced his retirement last year at the age of 95, after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

4) There will be payments to Stephen Sondheim and Taylor Hawkins

What Would We Do Without You? Broadway legend Stephen Sondheim will be remembered for a song during Sunday’s event, starring Cynthia Erivo, Leslie Odom Jr., Ben Platt and West Side Story star Rachel Zegler.

There are also plans to honour Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins at the show – a week after her unexpected death at the age of 50.

“We will respect his memory in some way,” CBS vice-president of music Jack Sussman told Variety magazine. So, “We want to find out what to do that respects everyone involved. We are patient. We will be planning until the end.”

5) Who is Jon?

Jazz pianist Jon Batiste has been nominated by more people than anyone else – 11 in total, seeing both his solo album We Are and the song Pixar film, Soul.

A native of New Orleans music, he is probably best known as the bandleader in Stephen Colbert’s US talk show.

But he has been widely praised for his debut album, which spans decades of black American music while acknowledging some of the hardships black people face.

However, only two artists have surpassed that number of 11 nominees – Michael Jackson in 1984 and Babyface in 1997.

6) Dua Lipa got out of the race

Dua’s hit song Levitating became the best-selling song of 2021 in the US and had broken a 70-week record on the Billboard chart. But it is not at all in Grammy 2022 nominations.

Variety magazine confirmed that the song was not submitted for consideration; apparently to avoid the honor of former rapper DaBaby after she commented on a number of homophobic incidents last year.

7) Drake is still boycotting the program

Drake’s latest opus, Certified Lover Boy, was nominated for a rap album, and one song, Way 2 Sexy; featuring Future and Young Thug, was targeted for singing. But he requested that the nomination be withdrawn before the close of voting, and the Academy honored his request.

He is a critic of the event – even winning. “We are playing a game based on a vision, not a game based on reality,” he said as he picked up the 2019 Plan Award. “You already win if you have people who sing your songs word for word if they sing. in your area. You win anyway, you don’t need it here. “

Another absentee is The Weeknd, who refused to participate in the Grammy 2022 after being sidelined last year.

Ariana Grande and Doja Cat also refused to submit their duets with the star for the awards, which shows solidarity. But Kanye West did not get the invitation: His single Hurricane, which included The Weeknd and Lil Baby, went into a shortlist of rap songs.

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