Harry Styles Is The World’s Most Handsome Man?

Harry Styles. When we took his name, what was the first thing that came to your mind? Music? Don’t worry darling. One direction? I bet it could be something else too – but here’s something new that will come to mind the next time you hear his name – The World’s Most Handsome Man.

Wondering how and why he was awarded the title. Well, the publication recently published a piece that provides scientific evidence to back it up—from the golden ratio to his unkempt hair, dating history, and more, stating why he deserves the title. Read on.

Speaking about Harry Styles being the most handsome man alive, psychologist Jo Hemmings told The Sun that people are primarily attracted to someone when they have a really strong gene pool. She said: “It’s a kind of innate attraction, based entirely on instinct, which goes back centuries. Women would look for broad shoulders, a T-shaped body that tapers towards the waist, a symmetrical face and thick hair – all attributes that Harry has.” She added that if a man has all these things, it would implicitly indicate that his father’s children will give birth to the strongest possible surviving children, she said, “We won’t all have children with Harry, but that’s all part of him. attraction.”Harry Styles

Harry Styles: Most Handsome man title

The site reported that Harry Style’s face was described as “perfect” in a report from the Center for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in London. Speaking about the golden ratio of celebrity facial symmetry, Jo said that the distance between the ‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer’s eyes divided by the length of one eye gives him a 98.15 per cent perfect ratio.

Commenting on the publication, Jo Hemmings said: “About 98 per cent of people have an asymmetrical face and go to surgeons to balance it all out, be it botox, lip fillers or whatever. Harry has very intense, mesmerizing sea foam green eyes and they are a bit unusual. He very often looks people in the face and makes them feel like they are the only person who matters.”

But are his eyes the only reason he is the most handsome man? Experts believe that apart from his eyes. It is also his incredible hair that plays a significant role in his appeal. Celebrity hairstylist Nicky Lazou says: “Harry’s long brown hair is the perfect visual metaphor. For the strength, he has as a person and the fact that he’s not afraid to make big, bold decisions in all areas of his life. It’s extremely attractive.”

His Psychologist’s view

Psychologist Jo Hemmings believes that Harry Styles – who is currently dating filmmaker. Olivia Wilde – is an adventurous lover and his unkempt hair is the reason. She said: “Harry’s hair is shiny and thick. Whether he took it down or released it, there’s something wild about it. He has a lot of tattoos, which also suggests a bit of wild nature. This shows a nature that is quite uninhibited. And when you’re uninhibited, you’re very often good in bed because you’re sexually exciting.”

Aside from his eyes and hair, experts believe that Harry Styles’ alluring body language indicates what he would be like as a partner. Jo Hemmings said: “We see the body language that Harry gives off on stage and it gives us an idea, rightly or wrongly, of what he might be like as a lover. In the shots of him with Olivia. He shows a mixture of what looks like sexual intensity and good, old-fashioned romance. When he speaks, he often seems to look into the face, which suggests that he is an empathetic partner.” She added: “This romantic body language will make his fans go weak in the knees. Because he gives the impression of a man with quiet strength and confidence, which is very attractive. “

In addition to the above three, his admirers are also fascinated by the One Direction singer’s unique sense of style. While the Don’t Worry Darling actor is no slouch when it comes to his love interests. He does have a string of salacious scandals to his credit – including one-night stands that earn him brownie points. Check out all blogs in the Entertainment category.


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