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Harry Styles tells fans at New York

There are many reasons why people are out of control with Harry Styles, that is – brilliant. British pop idea that reflected his hunk-a-Zoid stance on One Direction became a powerful solo project; that nurtured his deep musical passion.

On Friday, Styles, 28, released her third solo album, “Harry’s House,” a delightful pop; funk and soul song with both sweet lyrics (“Sushi Restaurant Music”) and a thrilling tender (“Matilda”). . .

‘Harry’s House’ shines with synth and funk

To celebrate the arrival of his full career, Styles has packed himself at UBS Arena; on Long Island New York for a special one-night program on Friday. He and his six-episode taut band have joined 13 songs on “Harry’s House”; in a crowd of 16,000 and fans broadcast live on Apple Music (aired ET on Sunday).

Harry Styles treated fans with a live version of his new album “Harry’s House” in New York. Leading up to Styles’ arrival on stage, her female fans – most of whom are old enough to ride the $ 17 can of White Claw, some satisfied with their $ 14 soda – are entertaining with songs full of “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “New” songs. York, New York, “is proof of Styles’ ability to present his generation in endless works of art.

But as the curtain fell to reveal Styles, in his bright-hearted shirt and bright yellow necklace, standing in front of the illuminated frame of the house, the crowd erupted in unrelenting chaos during the 90-minute show.Harry Styles

The Band is bringing a new album along the way

Styles made the album in sequence, “the way it was meant to sound,” he said on stage. The sound is mixed with the double opening of “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” and the entertaining drama “Late Night Talking,” but it was best rendered “Grape juice,” as Styles’ cream words are interspersed with Paul McCartney’s strong beats. – an Esque song.

Harry Styles danced and left for his special show at UBS Arena in New York on May 20, 2022. The debut album, the full pop confection “As It Was,” found Styles down the T-shaped catwalk, swaying her hips and roaming the stage with her unrestrained movement to be called Fevered Harry Dance.

There is a contagion about watching Styles is very entertaining on stage and his presentation seems to be from a pure point.

Many times during the program he thanked the audience for “changing my life over and over again” and sincerely commented, “I stand on stage, but I learn a lot from you.”

He also spoke easily between the songs, thanking participants including Kid Harpoon and Ben Harper – who were in the crowd – and his longtime colleague, band guitarist Mitch Rowland. They welcomed the rock star’s reception at the launch.

Third Album: Harry Styles

Harry Styles’ third album, “Harry’s House” is a creative mix of pop, funk and soul. While the performance of the album in active sequence does not always provide a good live repetition – the setlists are carefully designed to narrow and flow intentionally – “Harry’s House” flows out seamlessly.

Styles have easily changed from the imaginary “Matilda” – her voice full of an angel as she sings the lyrics that sound deeply live (“If anyone in the audience hears that this applies to them – it works,” she says) – to the groove “Cinema.” As his frame skipped over and wandered around the wide stage, Styles hit the microphone strap behind him, a move he would repeat later in the growing season “Satellite.”

He also coincided with an angel with female members of his band “Boyfriends,” – which he said he wrote at the end of the “Fine Line” session in 2019 – and closed part of the show’s album “Love of My Life,” with its simple synth chords and a drum of a good ending.

Harry Styles plays with 16,000 fans at UBS Arena on May 20, 2022; to celebrate the release of his album “Harry’s House”. The program was broadcast live on Apple Music. The audience did not notice that this was the only time they would hear; the many songs in “Harry’s House” being played live. Styles return to a U.S. tour in late summer, when he will set up small residences in New York; Austin, Texas, Chicago and Los Angeles. But with his growing catalog, it can be expected that only a few new songs will return.

Fans: Harry Styles

While fans would be satisfied with this particular hour of music; Styles re-emerged after a two-minute break to check out the familiar ones. As he tried to open the opening lines of “Adore You”; the crowd sang in amazement, so he insisted on going down the aisle with an extended microphone; allowing the faithful voices to carry the song.

Harry Styles hoisted the Ukrainian flag during “Sign of the Times”; the first of which he released as a single artist. This extended ingredient sounds like a spectacle, with timely lights and even more refreshing styles that embody the deep song; “Watermelon Sugar” and the amazing explosion of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

But it was his “Sign of the Times”, his first solo single in 2017; that marked his arrival in the arts, which became very real. Styles walked to the catwalk hoisting the Ukrainian flag as she sang; “Remember that everything will be fine / we can meet again somewhere / somewhere far away from here.”

It has been a time of deep understanding from one of the most beautiful pop artists. Check out all blogs in the Entertainment category the data in this blog is from Wiki.


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