JLo wedding snippets and details that we got from different sources

Jennifer Lopez — sorry, Jennifer Affleck — is a married woman. And luckily for me, a celebrity news editor, she just shared all the details of JLo wedding.

Following her Las Vegas wedding to husband (!) Ben Affleck on Saturday, July 16, Lopez shared a sneak peek of the secret ceremony with readers of her “On the JLo” newsletter. Here’s everything we know so far:

Viva Las Vegas! for JLo wedding

Lopez writes that the Vegas experience is “exactly what we wanted.”

“We flew into Vegas last night, lined up for the license with four other couples, all making the same journey to the wedding capital of the world,” she said of the Vegas atmosphere. “Behind us, two men were holding hands and holding each other. Before us, a young couple who made the three-hour drive from Victorville on their daughter’s second birthday—we all wanted the same thing—to be recognized as partners by the world and to express our love to the world through the ancient and almost universal symbol of marriage.

Jennifer wore a Zuhair Murad gown

In the selfies taken with Ben, Lopez wears an off-the-shoulder gown with long lace sleeves by Zuhair Murad, styled with a flowing veil and a simple pendant.

…and the second dress “from an old movie”. JLo (sorry, I’m not giving up “Lo” and I’m not writing “JAff”) notes that the ceremony featured “a dress from an old movie” and Ben’s tuxedo jacket, a little white number. he was just laying around his wardrobe (movie star stuff). Few details are given about the rings, but that doesn’t matter – I want more information about that movie dress!

Lopez has starred in many films in which she wears a wedding dress – including 2022’s Marry Me for a start. She also wears a wedding dress in Monster in Law (2005) and The Wedding Planner (2001), the latter of which is said to have inspired Meghan Markle’s dress from her royal wedding in 2018. But none of the three iconic wedding dresses seems to be JLo’s choice.

Get Jennifer Lopez’s Beauty Secrets (Straight From Her Makeup Artist!)

“I’ve had this dress for so many years and I’ve been saving it and saving it and saving it and now I’m wearing it on my wedding day,” Lopez tells the camera in a behind-the-scenes video posted to her website in a structured dress with a fitted bodice and flowy skirt by Alexander McQueen. Maybe this dress was just for travel?JLo wedding

Emme was there!

The Afflecks are now a party of seven. Including Affleck’s three children with ex-wife Jennifer Garner and Lopez’s twins Emme and Max from her marriage to Marc Anthony, the couple has “an amazing new family of five amazing children and a life we’ve never had more reason to look forward to.” on.

JLo shared a photo of Emma in the backseat of a pink convertible (care of the Little White Wedding Chapel), though it’s unclear if the other four children attended the ceremony.

JLo wedding is official “Mrs Affleck.”

The multihyphenate signed his newsletter “Mrs Jennifer Lynn Affleck,” leading fans to wonder if “Lopez” is gone for good. Her Instagram bio still reads “Jennifer Lopez” and her handle is still @jlo. So it looks like things will remain the same professionally – at least for now.

The neckline of McQueen’s dress looks similar to the movie poster, however. Affleck covers up a key difference between the wardrobe pieces in the photo. The “Jersey Girl” dress that Lopez wore has a keyhole, according to stills from the movie.

The race to reveal the “old movie” wedding dress is made all the more complicated by Lopez’s nine big-screen brides. The “If You Had My Love” singer first portrayed a bride in 1995’s “Mi Familia (My Family).” The film focused on the lives of a multi-generational Mexican-American family living in Los Angeles. But Lopez is briefly shown taking wedding photos in a wedding dress and veil. Since then, she has played the bride in the film “Selena” (1997). “The Wedding Planner” (2001), “Enough” (2002), “Monster-in-Law” (2005), “El Cantante” (2006) and ” The Backup Plan (2010).

Lopez has also been styled in several white dresses in films that have nothing to do with marriage. Multihyphenate was never mentioned in her newsletter if the “old movie”. The dress was something from the movie she was a bride in or just any regular movie. According to Women’s Health, Lopez has starred in at least 36 movies. Check out all blogs in the Entertainment category the data in this blog is from Wiki.


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