Health Insurance

Why is it really Important to have Health Insurance

Health Insurance is mandatory for giving life choices a practical approach and ensuring a support system for the vulnerable health during old age.

The necessity of having a health Insurance

The old saying goes that health is wealth. There is, in fact, no denying that. When someone stays in good health, everything seems to somehow work out. On the other hand, even a little trouble regarding health might make us down and depressed. Unfortunately, staying healthy has become of prime importance considering the arrival of several deadly diseases with time and also the rising cost of healthcare across the world. Even getting a number of tests done could cost a small fortune. Having health insurance could help one deal with all these expenses in a better way. Let’s have a look at the reasons why it is so important to have health insurance in the current scenario.

  • Rising Medical Cost

As mentioned earlier, the cost of medical expenses is reaching the skyline with time. Starting from the costs of medicines to getting the tests done and paying the bill of the hospital, the amount can be quite shocking for a middle-class family. The situation becomes even more terrifying without any health insurance for coverage. So, without any health insurance, a little emergency could be the reason for spending a small fortune from a personal savings account.

  • Change in the Lifestyle

Health-related problems are increasing with time because of the change in the everyday lifestyle. The inclusion of stress in daily life, strict and tiring work schedules, unhealthy eating preferences, and last but not least the poor quality of the environment we live in is the prime responsible factor for the rising number of deadly diseases. As a result, people get sick easily and a lot of their income goes for the purposes of treatment and paying the hospital bills.

  • Benefits of Income Tax

One of the best things about income tax is that the money that goes for paying premiums is tax-deductible. For senior citizens, the chances of saving more money are pretty good. So, paying for health insurance becomes even more effective as a lot of money can be saved during the payment of income tax.

  • Getting help regarding the pre and post hospitalization process

Keeping aside the main medical expenses, the OPD costs and the costs of medical diagnosis can be covered via health insurance. It is not always necessary for someone to get hospitalized, but the everyday costs and costs of little tests are even more important. Good thing is that good health insurance covers all those expenses.

  • Extra Benefits

The list does not end at the above-listed benefits only. There are numerous other benefits that one may avail of they have access to a health insurance program. Such additional benefits include costs of the ambulance, regular health check-ups, vaccination costs, etc. 

Apart from all these reasons, the current scenario of the pandemic has taught us all about the importance of good health. Keeping all these factors in mind, it is quite evident. Having health insurance is very important in the present situation.


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