How to Recover From Covid-19

Employers and Job Seekers: How to Recover From Covid-19

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we had a lot of uncertainty and anxiety in our lives. We didn’t know what was going to happen and, in addition, we had to spend some time in lockdown. So, staying at home and doing nothing will only make you feel worse. You probably need to either find a new job or keep your business afloat. Take control of the situation and follow the tips below.

Job Seekers

Millions of Americans lost their job during the pandemic. That left a lot of people lost for what to do to support themselves in the coming months. Even now, when the situation is slowly getting back to normal, companies are still letting go of employees because they can afford them. But, you should keep an active role in recovering from Covid-19. Here are some tips. 

Pick up a New Hobby

Instead of wasting time staying all day in bed and wallowing in your misery, you should keep yourself occupied throughout the day. You can start by taking up new activities or hobbies. It can be anything at all, as long as you get out of bed and keep active. You can start working out, which will improve your health, help you manage your stress level, and help you lose weight. 

Or you can start meditating in the morning, which can also improve your mental health and help you manage your emotions. And if you don’t feel like doing any of these, you can also just pick up a new book, learn to knit, or any other activity you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. 

Revamp Your Resume

You should also actively engage in looking for a new job. Even if you have small savings, the chances are that they will run out sooner rather than later. Then, a great strategy to increase your chances of finding a new job is to revamp your resume. This includes a complete redesign of the layout and information in your curriculum.

You can start by eliminating experience that is too old to be significant in the point you are at in your career. You can use a 15-year mark as a guide. If it was over this time, then maybe it is not relevant enough. But it’s not an exact science. Analyze which ones you think will tell more of who you are as a professional.

Also, redesign the resume’s layout to highlight the skills you feel are stronger and catch employers’ attention. For example, analytical skills are highly sought after in many industries, so if you feel like you have it, then you should definitely mention it. 

Learn Something New

Another thing you can do to increase your chances of finding a job is to learn a new skill. But not any skill. It will help if you learn something that will make your profile stand out over other candidates. Research your current niche and make a list of what employers are looking for. In other words, which skills are in high-demand?

You can then organize them by how easy each one is to learn or how much money and time it will take to get them. Either way, you have many options that are affordable and accessible. You can learn with online courses and even by yourself if you are self-sufficient. The point is to take advantage of the free time and invest in your profession. 

Consider Changing Careers

This year may be the perfect point in your life to consider changing careers. The pandemic helps us put a lot of things in our lives into perspective. If you’ve always thought about making a significant change in your life but were afraid before, well, it can’t get much worse career-wise. You are currently unemployed, and depending on the industry, it is harder to find a new job. 

Consider changing careers to get into a new one that will allow you to have the lifestyle that you want. Maybe what you care the most is to have a job that gives you purpose, or that you feel like you are making a real impact in the world. For example, if you care more about the money and want a career that pays well, you can research which ones have six-figure salaries. 


Employers also had a hard time finding the right employees. Companies in industries like e-commerce and delivery had a massive surge in sales because of the pandemic, and they struggle to meet demand. For example, Walmart hired over 400,000 new employees since the pandemic started in March. So, here are some tips if you want to attract talent to fill your open positions. 

Show Your Covid-19 Response

Everyone is worried about the virus, and even if they need to work, they want to protect themselves and their family. So, to attract top talent, you can show how your company is responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. You can also talk about how you are preparing to go back to the office and what protocols you will be implementing in the new normal. 

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Care for Your Employees

When trying to attract new candidates and retain the employees you already have, you should show that you care for them. You can do this by revisiting your benefits and changing to ones that better adapt to the situation. For example, benefits like gym membership are useless now. 

Instead, you could offer free therapy sessions to help employees manage all the uncertainty, stress, and anxiety the situation generated. Also, offer career development benefits like learning opportunities with online coding bootcamps or any other option that suits you best. 

Be Flexible

Lastly, you should remember to be flexible. You have to understand that the pandemic has hit all of us. So your employees are probably suffering the impact too. Be flexible in what you allow your employees to do. For example, if an employee wants to keep working from home because they have a family member at high risk from the virus, then allow them. 

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In Summary

Recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic will take a lot of effort and time. We will continue to see the consequences in the next few years. So for job seekers, you can concentrate on your health, improving your skills, and updating your resume. And for employers, you can make a plan to respond to the crisis, take care of your current employees, and remember to be flexible.


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