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During this Covid-19 crisis, it seems like no job is safe. Any company might be days away from significant layoffs. It begs the questions: what types of jobs are going to survive this downturn due to shelter-in-place orders? Surprisingly, many tech jobs will always be in a market for specific skills in the job market. 

These jobs might seem unattainable for someone who doesn’t have these skills already. Still, it is possible to gain these skills in relatively short order. Bootcamps help build skills in quick order. There are also many self-paced options if you have family obligations that don’t allow much spare time. 

Here are some jobs that are still in high demand while many states still face large unemployment numbers due to Covid-19.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a broad term. Companies often need whole teams of digital marketers to satisfy all of their marketing needs. A possible job of a digital marketer might be Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is a methodology for improving the chances a company’s page will be near the top when someone searches for a service or product they sell.

Digital marketers also have their hands all over social media sites for their companies. If you reflect for a brief second, you probably have visited the social media page of many of the companies with which you regularly do business. Or you have clicked on an ad for a new product you scrolled past on your favorite app. You see the work of digital markers every day!

WordPress Developer

There is a belief that almost a third of websites on the Internet comes from the WordPress platform. WordPress is a website that can be figured out by someone without any coding skills, but it isn’t so easy a cave-dweller could do it. There are hundreds of companies and individuals looking for help setting up their websites on WordPress. It’s a safe bet that many of your favorite restaurants, boutiques or bloggers run their website on WordPress. With the proper skills, a real pro can make a reliable income just working on WordPress sites. 

Become a WordPress Developer to start capitalizing on one of the most common web publishers on the Internet!

Data Scientist

One of the beautiful things about the Internet is the number of data points it gives to websites. Sports teams, social media sites, and your favorite blogger use data to build their business and determine which actions get the most, or best, responses on their websites. Data analysis will be around well after this global pandemic. There are hundreds of options to build your data science skills through SQL bootcamps. 


As technology has to continue to disrupt more and more non-technical fields there is a growing need to keep websites, programs and apps safe. We frequently hear about companies that suffer data breaches, resulting in the release of sensitive info of clients and customers. Flatiron School offers many bootcamps, but cybersecurity is one of the most important.

Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving field because hackers are continually attacking companies in new ways. It is a field that offers rewarding challenges. Cybersecurity is a necessity for companies large and small. With these skills, there will always be a position for you. 

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Covid-19 has moved many of our paper interactions into digital documents. This means more of our private data is on the servers of multiple companies. The more spread out our information is the more we have to trust an increasing amount of companies to take data safety seriously. This is no small order. Hackers are creative. Hackers have successfully obtained passwords, credit card numbers, and sensitive data about customers from major retailers and big-name Internet companies. Cybersecurity positions might be one of the most recession and pandemic-proof professions not just in tech, but in the entire job market. 

Is it Time to Find a Pandemic-Proof Job?

A pandemic such as Covid-19 is hopefully a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, but there will be recessions. These jobs have the capability to survive those as well. If you are looking for a job in which you will always be learning new skills, these positions are ever-evolving. Each has multiple avenues worth pursuing. You can learn these skills relatively quickly; you could have a new career sooner than you think.

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