Celebrities postpartum: who have opened up about childbirth

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So, Observed women are under a lot of pressure to look a certain way. So if you put pregnancy in the mix, how does this make them feel about their changing bodies? Here are a few Celebrities postpartum who shared photos and talked openly about it…


After welcoming their first child in July 2021, Halsey opened up to Instagram about not wanting “their pre-baby body.”

Lots of people don’t know you glance pregnant for a long period. It’s still changing and I agree. I’m not interested in running right now. I’m tired and too busy playing with my son. Emotionally, spiritually and physically. That change is permanent. And I do not want to go back! “

Celebrities postpartum: Binky Felstead

For some reason, there seems to be a myth that after childbirth, a woman’s body quickly returns to its natural state. Not right! And Made In Chelsea star Binky Felstead is here to remind us of all that. After giving birth to the newborn son Wolfie, Binky shared an almost nude photo of her postpartum body in all its miraculous glory. “This was taken the morning after the birth. I value the human body now more than ever!” he wrote. Yes, yes, yes.

Katy Perry

In August 2020, shortly after the birth of her newborn Daisy Dove, Katy Perry took to Instagram to show off the “red carpet look” – the baby’s body style. By painting a social media post a ‘glitter’ picture of everyone’s lives, it was really refreshing to see Katy show what it was like – wearing comfortable underwear over her still pussy, and a chest pump bodice.

Ashley James

Breaking the myth many seem to believe that a woman is ‘coming back with the disappearance of her pregnancy tube almost immediately after birth, Ashley James posted a series of funny photos on Instagram of her body in the days following her cut. The first two photos were taken two hours after giving birth, the third was taken a few days later.

Pregnancy and childbirth have given me new insights into my body, and I look at it every day in amazement at every little change, “writes Ashley.” I marvel at how it has grown, how it has grown, how it has passed and how it is changing now.

Celebrities postpartum: Jenna Dewan

So, Seven months after giving birth to a baby boy Callum and his colleague Steve Kazee, Jenna Dewan shared a photo of her postpartum body with its beauty. But even more powerful, Jenna used an Instagram post to make a political point before last year’s U.S. presidential election. “A lot of people ask me about the postpartum diet and exercise program and I’m here to tell you to register to vote, vote early, and vote as your health depends on it because it does,” wrote Jenna.

Ashley Graham

So, Ashley Graham’s model is a strong source of physical fitness. Throughout her pregnancy, she shared close-up photos and videos of how her body was changing, and how surprised she was. And nothing has changed since she gave birth to baby boy Isaac earlier this year.

In her nude photo posted on Instagram, where she shows the remaining stretch marks on her abdomen, Ashley wrote: “Same me. A few new stories”. We could not say better of ourselves; stretch marks are not ‘imperfections’ that you do not feel insecure about, they are just part of who you are.

Celebrities postpartum: Millie Mackintosh

So, After giving birth to a daughter, Sienna, in May 2020, Millie was exposed to the effects of her pregnancy. In a photo of shared underwear on Instagram, the former; Made In Chelsea star revealed how she feels about the way she looks. Acknowledging that he is not entirely confident about his changed status; (which made it difficult to comment on the internet); Millie reiterated that he “has no intention of rushing to ‘get my body back”.

“Now I’m looking at my pictures before I ‘m pregnant and I think back to that time I didn’t really like my body; in a certain way but now I look back and think I’m pretty, ” wrote Millie. Commenting on the sad message for all women – those who already have children as well as those who do not; she continued: “It made me realize how self-critical I am and how important it is; as women, to learn to let go. My mantra has always been to exercise the movement; I am making it now with the intention of feeling right and not punishing myself. The Sienna is suitable for every extra inch, pound and stretches mark.

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Gemma Atkinson

Strictly actress and former Strictly star Gemma Atkinson is known for her solid content on Instagram, and she uses her platform wisely after having a baby Mia last year. In a post showing pictures of her six-and-a-half weeks pregnant with ward C, Gemma said she was “loud and proud” shaking her back curves.

In an honest post, Gemma discussed how exercise is important and a normal part of her life, but how she gets used to taking it lightly because of her body. “Part of the best training is to train intelligently and to recover over a long period of time. It’s not just a quick fix to ‘roll back’,” wrote the actor and broadcaster.

So, Reminding some mothers to ignore any external pressure to return to their infancy, Gemma added: “I hope new mothers realize that they do not have to return to their baby immediately. with it. ” Hear, hear.

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