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Bailey Costanzo joined the Hyatt loyalty program nine months ago; and after spending more than 60 nights at Hyatt hotels, she now has a high membership rate. He chose Hyatt’s because he enjoys VIP services, which include room upgrades, free breakfast and late departures hotel rewards.

“In most hotels, you get a standard (upgrade) suite for free. If (normal room) is $ 200, the suite usually costs $ 400-500; so I can save $ 200-300 there, ”said Costanzo, a Northwestern University student.

Large hotel chains offer different levels of membership and benefits to promote customer loyalty and are generally free to register. Costanzo joined the process when he knew he would be leaving and staying in hotels for a long time. However, even if you are not a regular traveller; there are still ways to get the most out of these loyalty programs.

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There are two ways customers can benefit – cash discounts on state-of-the-art points and state benefits such as better hotel service. The benefits of the situation can be very small, such as free Wi-Fi and bottled water. It is often difficult for travellers from time to time to benefit from the points system; unless they diligently monitor their accounts, says Voorhees, as points may expire.

Occasionally travellers can consider the Stash Hotel Awards, an additional Voorhees; with guests earning points through certain private hotels in a luxury clothing store. But in the hospitality industry, let’s look at hotel loyalty programs from Wyndham, Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt.

More overnight at the Wyndham hotel rewards?

The Wyndham Awards offer four membership levels: Blue, Gold, Platinum and Diamond; mainly depending on how many nights a member stayed at Wyndham hotels and resorts the previous year. Benefits include points that can be used to exchange free hotel nights with gift cards; more flexible check-in hours, suite upgrades and a better, more personalized service. A higher membership rate will lead to additional benefits.

Wyndham CMO Lisa Checchio said Wyndham’s portfolio goes from economy to beauty; and as a result, they have the option for every traveller. Wyndham has only three free categories – 7,500 points, 15,000 or 30,000 points – which are part of “program simplicity,” according to Checchio.

Customers earn 10 points per dollar for all eligible stays at the Wyndham Rewards hotel. They can also apply for Wyndham Rewards Visa Cards to earn Gold or BePlatinum memberships and earn points for daily purchases.

For regular tourists, Checchio said, “having a credit card is a great way for them to increase their points, which they will be able to use in future trips.”hotel rewards

Hilton digital keys

Hilton Honors have four membership levels: Member, Silver, Gold and Diamond, and points can be used for free hotel nights, online shopping, Lyft rides, car rentals and concert tickets. Gold and Diamond members can benefit from room upgrades if available, as well as food and beverage credit for certain brands. Similarly, customers receive 10 points for every dollar spent during their stay.

The travel company also offers the Hilton Honors American Express Card, with which customers can receive bonus points.

In addition, Hilton members may also benefit from unallocated digital lockers, which can be shared with up to four other people, making group travel easier, said Jennifer Chick, Global Head & SVP of Hilton Honors, Customer Engagement & Partnerships.

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Early check-in or late departure at Marriott

The Marriott Bonvoy awards program offers six membership levels: Member, Silver Elite, Gold Elite, Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite and Ambassador Elite. Customers at each level enjoy a variety of benefits. For example, Silver Elite (10-24 nights/year to qualify) members start paying late upon receipt, while Ambassador Elite (100+ n / year to allow) members enjoy Your24, adapting to your preferences 24 hours of its stay, such as check-in and check-out at 7 p.m.

Customers can earn points by staying in hotels, Marriott Bonvoy credit cards, car rentals, etc., and points can be used for free hotel nights, travel, and gift cards, among others. Each dollar spent on affiliate hotels earns customers 10 points.

David Flueck, loyal Vice President of Loyalty at Marriott, said the awards program is a tourist program because the hospitality company not only has hotels and private rental houses but also has all-inclusive recreational facilities and luxury boats. He added that members can redeem points for a special experience.

“We have these things that happen once in a lifetime as they can go to the Super Bowl. I welcome more than 40 members of our VIP suite to the 50-yard line of Super Bowl, ”said Flueck.

Hotel rewards: Free breakfast with Hyatt

Hyatt has four membership levels: Member, Discoverist, Explorist and Globalist. Benefits range from the reduced costs of free night visits and room upgrades to a comfortable breakfast and access to the club lounge area. Members can redeem their points for free hotel nights, car rental locations, or transfer points for miles. Also, check out more blogs in the fashion and health section. Gather more information at budgetyourtrip.

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