Golden State Warriors leads 3-0

Golden State Warriors: DALLAS (AP) – Stephen Curry is excited about the TV show; Andrew Wiggins rocked Luke Doncic with a dunk with pictures and the Warriors are thinking of sweeping.

Curry scores 31 points, Wiggins’ playoff career is high with 27 points including a dunk; initially called an annoying mistake and Golden State defeated the Dallas Mavericks, 109-100; on Sunday night by a margin of -3-0 in the Western Conference final.

“You look like Dominique Wilkins there,” Klay Thompson said of Wiggins after scoring 19 points as the Warriors reached the NBA Finals’ edge, three years after the end of a five-year game that produced three tournaments.

Golden State, who snatched Portland from their latest Western finals in 2019 before Toronto won the title, will enter Game 4 on Tuesday in Dallas. No team has risen 3-0 down to win the NBA playoff series.

“I love the position we are in,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr. It was the one we felt we should have. To come here 2-0, you have to use your energy. ”

Doncic hit 40 and hit the first quarter with 32 feet making the crowd go with the Mavericks and at home trailing 2-0, as they did against the Phoenix champions before winning the Western semifinals series in seven games.

But that shimmy-winning bucket from the young superstar was a mistake on a difficult night from the 3-point mark on the Mavericks, who missed their first seven and finished 13 out of 45.

Reggie Bullock and Maxi Kleber, two Dallas long-distance specialists, missed out on all 12 of the 3 combined and became 0-15 overall. They both scored, beating Spencer Dinwiddie by 26 points from the bench. Jalen Brunson hit 20.

Golden State Warriors: Wiggins

Wiggins’ hand thrashing over Doncic in the middle of the fourth quarter has been called bad because his elbow hit Doncic’s neck while Doncic backed away and fell. But the replay decision after Kerr’s challenge was a random contact, which gave Golden State a 93-83 lead.

“I was a little shocked, but that was impressive,” Doncic said. So, “I will not lie. I saw the video again, and I said, ‘Oh …’ That was really amazing. I wish I had rabbits. ”

About a minute later, Wiggins, who matched his career as a top scorer with 11 rebounds, quickly dropped to the right base to follow dunk at Curry’s throw.

“I just feel strong,” Wiggins said of his sleepover with Doncic. That’s all I could see. They tried to rob me of it, but … ”said Wiggins, interrupting with a laugh before thanking Kerr for the challenge.Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors: Curry

Curry scored 11 points in the third quarter, making the Warriors lead 78-64 in step-back 3 at the last minute and turned to the National TV crew for a closer look at the shimmy of his shoulder.

Doncic scored 21 points in the fourth quarter as the Mavericks desperately tried to close the gap, but fell 2-6 in his three qualifying seasons when the 23-year-old, who has three times all-time All-Star points scored at least 40.

One of Dinwiddie’s three points earned Dallas between five points with 1:15, but Jordan Poole responded with one from the left wing at the last minute.

The Mavericks, who played after the first round since first-year coach Jason Kidd was the leading scorer in the 2011 Dirk Nowitzki team that won the title, lost by nine points in the last four minutes of the first half on two nights after failing. holding a 19-point lead on the road in Game Loss 2.

“This is the beginning of the journey,” Kidd said. “I know you guys won the title before the start of the season. And that’s a joke if you haven’t got it. This is much bigger than one game or series. This is great for our franchise because none of you was with us here. “


The hottest moment of the series came towards the end of the first half after Curry’s 3-0 win over 8-0 put the Warriors ahead by a point and helped them to a 48-47 lead. And it left Curry confused.

Curry ran the length of the court with his tongue hanging down after Dallas called the closing time. As he turned around to return to his bench, Curry passed Doncic and teammate Juan Toscano-Anderson nearby.

Doncic appeared to contradict Tuscano-Anderson’s remarks and began to look at the Golden State bench before officials and coaches and players from both teams intervened. At the time, Draymond Green and injured Dallas guards Tim Hardaway Jr. exchanged negative material about 45 feet apart.

After the expiration date, Curry could be seen saying, “What happened?” then approached Doncic to talk about it. The exchange concluded with Green as the peacemaker and Doncic.


Green found a technical error, for the second time in a row, after an extended conversation with senior Marc Davis; when he was called to a court hearing as he quickly tried to slip back into the centre line to catch Curry’s long, unexpected pass.

The crowd cried out for technical work and finally got it; after many Twitter conversations following Game 2 about whether opponents should have given him a second technology. Shortly afterwards, Green was summoned for his first mistake and did not like the phone. But his complaint was directed to his own bench instead of to the management staff.

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Heroes: Otto Porter Jr., who scored 10.5 points on 82% shooting in the first two games; limped into the changing room in the first half and was ruled out due to left foot pain. … The Warriors extended their NBA record for 26 consecutive seasons where they won at least one road game.

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