Joel Embiid isn’t the MVP

Joel Embiid isn’t the MVP, but the biggest one is availability

I’m already on the record as Nikola Jokić of the NBA MVP, so don’t take this topic for granted as I put Joel Embiid – I know, says someone who expresses very negative thoughts about him. In a typical season in its final week, the Philadelphia 76ers struggled with three consecutive losses, two of which were rivals for the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns and one for the better, but far removed from the competition, the Detroit Pistons.

Those three losses sent the 76ers to a free fall in the Eastern Conference standings, bringing them down from first to fourth. However, what happened should not be held against him in the MVP vote. In that loss, you get 37, 29, and 37 points again. You shoot better than 50 percent on the field in each of those games, and 50 percent or more on the 3-point line for both. Doc Rivers did not blame him.

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After Sunday’s win over the 76ers, 44 points, 17 rebounds, and 5 block games from Embiid, he was asked about the MVP race.Joel Embiid

“If not, I don’t know what to do. I will feel like they hate me. I feel like the level of boys in Philly or me is different from everyone else. ”

That MVP award is important for NBA players, especially people who have not yet won. Embiid has been a monster for the past two seasons. In 2020-21 he scored 28.5 points, plus 10.6 rebounds, in a 51.3 / 37.7 / 85.9 shooting crack, named the second All-Defense team, and the 76ers had the best record in the NBA. It makes sense for him, his family, his friends, and anyone who cares about the 76ers to feel like he missed out on winning last season, and for them, it feels like he will never win again in this turbulent season. his averages went up in demand and his efficiency did not make much impact.

But strangely enough, the Denver Nuggets won one game smaller than the 76ers last season and while Jokić averaged two points lower than Embiid, he averaged more than 56.6 / 38.8 / 86.8, with 8.3 assists per game. while dominating advanced analytical numbers.

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They also find themselves in the same positions this season. Right now the Nuggets have two losses more than the Sixers, but they are much lower in the Western Conference standings because at the top they are much better than the East full of mud. Jokić had to carry a heavy load due to injury, which led to a sharp increase in turnover, a slight decrease in his free throw percentage, and his fall by 3 points. However, his strike rate has risen slightly, his repetitive numbers are much higher, shooting 58.3 percent on the field, and, as I mentioned earlier, his improved numbers have improved as well as his defences.

Voting for MVP can be weird all over the league, and the NBA can be very weird. Shaquille O’Neal leaves the Los Angeles Lakers and signed with the Miami Heat in 2004. Their record is improving with 17 games, playing more games than he has played in four years and shooting 60.1 percent on the field with 22.1 points per game.

Steve Nash joins the Suns for the same season, removing them almost to the worst of the first season when not as much power as Shaq was, and earning that MVP. Shaq could have won 1994-95 while leading the Orlando Magic, a franchise under 10, reaching the best record in the East, but the award went to David Robinson who scored the lowest goals. Antonio Spurs has had an excellent record in the NBA, their record improving by just seven games. Dirk Nowitzki scored 26.6 points per game in 48/40.6 / 90.1 divisions while the Dallas Mavericks won seven games over the Suns in 2005-06 but Nash scored the second MVP in a row.

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In the scientific process, MVP voting is not. Prejudice arises, as it does in all walks of life. Ironically, that bias should favor Embiid to win the trophy. He averages more than 30 points per game on a team that deals with media scrutiny regularly, every night he looks like he is playing basketball at a different level than his competition, and his story is the best in the NBA this year. . The young star reaches a new level where the team needs you the most after the drama threatens to destroy everything it has built.

We in the media love the good story that goes hand in hand with impressive statistics, but the big hit against Embiid is the traditional bias of players who miss most games. Jokić will play a small percentage of his regular-season games this season, in approximately 75 of the 82 appearances. Embiid has already won the highest number of regular-season games he has ever played and the remaining four games and has yet to go. up to 70. The legend of the six Julius Erving revealed this bias recently as to why he thinks the best player in the team to win the NBA Cup should not win the prize.

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“I’m going to look for Embiid because he’s my boyfriend,” Erving said on the Rich Eisen Show. “And Antetokounmpo, who knows how to finish, but Embiid and Antetokounmpo missed a few weeks of play. Jokić was there every night.”

If there is a bias that will affect the chances of Embiid’s MVP that is it. The edge that people always give to the athlete who has played many games. That is why Shaq has only one MVP even though he may be the best player of his generation. In Tim Duncan’s return to MVP in 2001-02 and 2002-03, he missed one game.

Along with Jokić who has played this season, he is in Denver with fans who can look up to him, as well as a team that has never hunted for the best record in the West. Embiid brought his team closer as if he were the only person at his Oregon Trail party who had never had diarrhoea, and he did in Philadelphia. It can often be Embiid’s clear victory, especially since Jokić won last year. Follow the sports category.


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