Ranking the NFL head coaches for the 2022 season

The top coaches in the modern NFL are a combination of two things: visionary planners and master motivators. The best of the best turns that 1-2 punches meet the basic requirements for the job: Win a lot of games. So, who will be NFL head coaches?

Getting a team to consistently compete for playoff spots and get into the Super Bowl mix isn’t easy. But the most talented men leading the sidelines sometimes seem that way.

There are a lot of young girls among the active trainers, including the one who just won the ring. Then there are the old reliables who still get the most out of their list after all these years.

Here is Sporting News’ ranking of all NFL head coaches, including new hires, for the upcoming season, from best Rams to worst Panthers:

2022 NFL Head Coach Rankingsnfl head coaches

Sean McVay, Rams (age: 36)

McVay is known for being an offensive genius, but what stands out now from one Super Bowl ring in two trips is his ability to remember everything and his understanding of what it takes to have the ultimate modern winning team. It combines old school with new school innovation well.

So, Record with current team: 55-26 regular season (.679), 7-3 in playoffs

NFL head coaches: Andy Reid, Chiefs (age: 64)

Reid consistently placed the Chiefs on the Super Bowl shortlist while tied with Patrick Mahomes. His extensive offensive background has served him well in a much more open league, and his experience shows as a beloved, respected leader.

So, Record with current team: 103-42 regular season (.710), 9-7 in playoffs

NFL head coaches: Bill Belichick, Patriots (age: 70)

Belichick has made his unique case as the GOAT, and it’s not quite closed yet, as he’s started a solid new Tom Brady chapter with Mac Jones. His defensive acumen, organization and motivational tactics are legendary. Only Belichick is supposed to function very well without designated coordinators.

Record with current team: 254-99 regular season (.720), 30-12 in playoffs

Kyle Shanahan, 49 (Age: 42)

It might surprise some that Shanahan has a loss in San Francisco since he was hired in 2017, but that includes days before the rebuild to get the team going his way and one injury-riddled losing season. He has an excellent, diverse offensive system that is spread around the league, and his former collaborators are getting big contracts. Shanahan will get the most out of his team with the right personnel support while being in sync with GM John Lynch.

Record with current team: 39-42 regular season (.481), 4-2 in playoffs

Matt LaFleur, Packers (Age: 42)

LaFleur has crushed it in three consistent 13-win seasons as his RPO offence has been great, turning Aaron Rodgers into a repeat MVP, with plenty of pop from a versatile rushing attack. LaFleur is savvy and smart beyond his years, a la good friend Shanahan. The only thing missing early is a playoff run that ends in the Super Bowl.

John Harbaugh, Ravens (age: 59)

Harbaugh has a Super Bowl ring and four division titles in the tough AFC North to prove that a nice guy can often finish first. He brings positive energy with a coaching staff that meshes well with the offensive staff (see Lamar Jackson) and maintains a strong defensive foundation.

So, record with current team: 137-88 regular season (.609), 11-8 in playoffs

Mike Tomlin, Steelers (Age: 50)

Tomlin has the ring to match his friendly division rival Harbaugh, and his calling card is to never end up with a losing team. He also has a solid defensive system with the right players to thrive in it. He should soon get back on track with a big offensive transition post-Ben Roethlisberger.

Record with current team: 154-85-2 regular season (.643), 8-9 in playoffs

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Sean McDermott, Bills (age: 48)

McDermott leads the AFC’s newest powerhouse and current Super Bowl favourite in Buffalo. His defensive-minded influence is vital at every level alongside Leslie Frazier. Still, it’s imposing how well he does when the Bills are an offensive-minded team unleashing the talents of Josh Allen.

So, Record with current team: 49-32 regular season (.605), 3-4 in playoffs

Zac Taylor, Bengals (age: 39)

Taylor was under fire a little early, but once he got his franchise pass rusher in Joe Burrow, his team invested well in the necessary personnel resources on offence and defence. Taylor took full advantage of what reigning Sporting News Manager of the Year Duke Tobin gave him. him. McVay’s one-time assistant quickly fell into a groove that led to him facing his former colleague in the Super Bowl.

So, record with current team: 16-32 regular season (.337), 3-1 in playoffs

Mike Vrabel, Titans (age: 46)

Vrabel was Belichick’s leading disciple with his smart motivation and good situational coaching. So, the defence has the personnel to match his philosophy. But he’s let the offence set the table as he plays an old-school spectacular with Derrick Henry.

Record with current team: 41-24 regular season (.631), 2-3 in playoffs. Follow the sports category The info is from this tweet.

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