Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is tennis’ next superstar

By the time the French Open started in 2005, the young Spaniard had already realized in the world of tennis that he was about to become the next big star of the sport. Still, there were questions: Was Rafael Nadal ready at just 19 to win the Grand Slam title? So, let us see Carlos Alcaraz

The answer, of course, was obvious in those two weeks. Nadal ran with No. 1 Roger Federer in the semi-finals and then defeated clay court expert Mariano Puerta in the first of which has been recorded as a record 21 Grand Slam titles.

A particular form of Nadal’s reign at Roland Garros, where he won 13 times with a career record 105-3, has somehow made it standout tennis. Rarely, if ever, there was a year during Nadal’s run that included a pile of conspiracies about what could happen in the red mud in Paris. Nadal always seemed inevitable.

But this year’s French Open starts on Sunday with a very different feeling, which sounds very similar to Nadal’s success 17 years ago. And again, it is the Spanish youth who are offering the kind of power tennis that has not been heard in a long time.

Carlos Alcaraz future

Yes, Carlos Alcaraz is coming at the right time for a game that relied on the wisdom and resilience of the Big Three for longer than we were supposed to expect. No one is rushing to oust Nadal and Novak Djokovic to retire, and there is still hope that Roger Federer could return from a knee injury to say goodbye at will.

But tennis requires the following – not just to get the crown after the ride, but to take it from them. And the fact that Alcaraz has an official chance to do it here, right now, makes this French Open the most anticipated men’s tennis tournament in the long run.

Recent history can suggest that this is a very controversial issue, that Alcaraz should at least go out and win a Slam or two before we can even begin the conversation to pass the torch. That’s fine. Many young players over the past twelve years have struggled with expectations, only to collapse when they see Nadal or Djokovic on the other side of the net in a top five game at the end of the business. Grand Slam.

But apart from actually winning one of these major tournaments, Alcaraz has already proven that he did it, that he is one of the rare ones who embrace the challenge and the stage. Demonstrated a glimpse of that in the U.S. Open last fall, when his swashbuckling game captured; the New York crowd and upset Stefanos Tsitsipas who is the 3rd player in the fifth game of the set.Carlos Alcaraz

Carlos Alcaraz is ready now.

At the time, Alcaraz beat almost every Roland Garros contestant this year including Tsitsipas, Casper Ruud and Alexander Zverev. But when Alcaraz beat both Nadal and Djokovic on consecutive days earlier this month in Madrid; not only beating them from the ground up but showing a special touch and confidence in the turbulent times; it became clear that his schedule had changed dramatically. She is ready now.

Adding to the conspiracy in Paris are different approaches this season for Nadal and Djokovic. After the fiasco before the Australian Open, where Djokovic was deported by the government; for not being granted a valid visa to enter the country without the COVID-19 vaccine; Djokovic did not play much until mid-April. He looked rusty and short with patience until last week when he played excellent tennis; to win the Italian Open title.

Nadal, who was surprised to win the Australian Open title, later suffered an injury and looked like a reduced player; injured in Madrid and Rome. He admits that trying to manage chronic foot pain is a part of his life at this time; it does not predict daily that it will develop in ways that make him unable to do his best.

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With the way the game unfolded, Djokovic and Nadal could meet in the quarterfinals; the winner against Alcaraz in the final.

There’s nothing inevitable in the game of tennis. But it sounds like the whole year has been following a historic seasonal tournament in Paris; where the most impressive youngster since Nadal will play his place, his tournament, and finally, the whole game.

Tennis was looking forward to someone like Alcaraz who has a game and love and confidence; to understand his talent and hold history in his throat. He hasn’t done it yet, but he’s coming. It is real. And in the next few weeks in Paris, we’ll find out if it’s his turn. Follow the sports category The info is from this tweet.


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