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Apple event 2022 Details in breif

Apple event 2022 is one of the biggest – or no doubt – the biggest launch events in the tech world; with millions of gadget fans around the world watching to see what the major fruit company will launch next.

Thanks to Apple for having regular events – and one of the metronomic in the industry; we can say with high certainty when it will appear.

The latest event will be WWDC 2022 – that is, as it happens, today; and we have more information below (or you can follow now on our live WWDC live blog).Apple event 2022

What’s the next Apple event?

Apple’s WWDC (representing the International Developer Conference) is taking place today; and here’s how you can watch the live broadcast of a key WWDC note.

It happens today, June 6, and it happens on the Apple Campus in Cupertino; a space-like structure where all the Things are cooked.

It is a place where Apple shows its upcoming software updates and where we will see iOS 16, watchOS 9; macOS 13 and many other varied and exciting features.

We’ll probably also see a new MacBook Air range, with more details about how it comes in new colors; as well as new features that may be new to the popular Apple M2 chipset that will enable desktops and laptops to come; (as well as the iPad. Benefits too).

We should also hear more about the Mac Pro, the most talked about the tool at the last event; but we don’t have much yet.

We may hear more about Apple’s actual hybrid plans (including the Apple AR headset) but the chances are very good in recent weeks, next year looks like a possible day.

WWDC is a day-long event but a key conference, where new software is emerging, is the first day (AKA today) – which is where you’ll want to take a look at Apple’s mass installation here on TechRadar.

When do the Apple events take place?

The worst rule is that Apple usually hosts three product launch events a year.

First, there is the spring event, which took place in 2022 in March, and in 2021 it took place in April. This is often dominated by computer products, although we sometimes see other gadgets as well, including iPhone SE and iPad Pro models.

Second, the WWDC, or the International Engineers Conference, took place in June (June 6 this year) – this is mainly software updates that will come to the phone later in the year, namely iOS, macOS, watchOS and more. Other than that, it belongs to the app developers.

Finally biggie – late in the year, usually in September but sometimes later, the iPhone launch event. Apple smartphones may not be the brightest, but they are often joined by the new Apple Watch and the entry-level iPad, making it one of the biggest technological calendar days.

Sometimes events are out of the list – in 2020, Apple hosted a different event just before the iPhone of one of the newest tablets and smartwatches, and sometimes unveiled the product with a media release rather than a glamorous event. But this is a good rule to follow. Also know more about the Apple event 2022 below.

What was Apple’s last event?

Apple’s March event took place on March 8, 2022, and it was a big issue in terms of spring event standards.

We’ve seen iPhone SE (2022), iPad Air (2022), M1 Ultra chip, Mac Studio, and more.

The iPhone and iPad were repetitive updates that brought nothing big, so the March event was a computer-focused show. That was said with its caption motto, ‘Peek Performance’, though the word is not always clear.

People were hoping the Apple Glass would be ridiculed, for that ‘peek’, but sadly they were not. Other notable exceptions were the iPad Pro (2022) and the new iMac Pro. Also, Read AI for kids.


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