How to get into the metaverse?

How to get into the metaverse? Know the hype about metaverse

You may live on this planet, but soon there will be others to fill (no, not to mention Mars, sorry Elon). Enter the metaverse, the hottest 2021 theme. Sometime this year, between the third wave and any current epidemic; the word entered our lives – and it will never stop. This latest tech buzz has ordinary suspects (read Facebook Meta, Microsoft, and a bunch of Silicon Valley); coming near the block to get a piece of the action, but the younger players are moving, too. But what exactly is this metaverse hype about? And what does it have to do with blockchain or NFTs or 24/7 stay online? We have a lot to get out of, so let’s jump in.

So, what is metaverse?

First, defining a metaverse is a big question. We can all agree that there has been a lot of Yada, but at the end of the day; you can explain to your grandfather with a Sunday roast what exactly is metaverse? As we talk about something that does not exist, it may be confusing. Let’s keep it simple then; metaverse is a visually shared environment with hyper-realistic; immersive and interactive thanks to the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology.

There may be a few visible worlds within the metaverse; where people can engage in a variety of activities that result in a combination of physical and digital. Instead of staring at the screen as you do now; in a crisis, you will be able to be inside all your online entertainment; such as shopping, meeting friends and family, going to a concert and even making official paperwork.

Metaverse has a few great advantages over what you currently earn during your screen time (did you do much of that lately? We are responsible for that, too), so it all depends on combining your daily activities; it has become a very interactive platform that allows you to do more in one place.

This idea has been around for a long time, or at least since Neal Stephenson coined the term metaverse in his 1992 dystopian novel ‘Snow Crash’ (frankly, he has distanced himself from any metaverse programs). And many of us would encounter other meta indicators in pop culture such as Matrix, Ready Player One or Tron, so the concepts of the concept are less common.


As a 3D visual space, the metaverse removes all kinds of obstacles, visible or otherwise. It is a never-ending area where there are no limits to how many people can use it at once, what types of jobs can be done, what industries can enter, etc. Increase access beyond current online forums.How to join the metaverse


Metaverse cannot be terminated, restarted or reset. Users can join the metaverse freely anytime, anywhere in the world, and in doing so there is always a continuation of their experience. Metaverse will change over time based on the shared contribution of its users, such as content and feel created by them.


Metaverse does not belong to any business or forum, but to all its users, who can re-manage their personal data. Blockchain technology is a big part of this (more details later) because it ensures that all transactions within the virtual world are public, easily tracked and secure at all times.


Whether you are using a VR headset, AR glasses or just your smartphone, you will be able to enter a new level of immersion and interaction; where all human senses are fully engaged and users feel more in touch with their experience. As a very sensible space, metaverse will also have the ability to adapt to its users who can directly influence, for example, its location, objects, colours, light, and more.

Public feelings

The beating heart of the metaverse focuses on its users. Every participant in the virtual world participates in a collaborative experience and helps create the future of metaverse through user-generated content, from visual creation to personal stories and interaction with AI-driven avatars.

In fact, a metaverse-like experience existed even before the latest Facebook Meta update. Previous repetitions can be found in games like Second Life and The Sims; where users control the life of their online photos. Even in 2009, Facebook was participating in some pre-metaverse experiments such as Farmville, a game that allows participants to run their own tangible farms and sell their products to earn Farm Sizes. And although these platforms have some metaverse elements, they still contain events that have little impact outside of their original platform.

A real metaverse is a continuous process, combining elements from different forums and audiences into one. Now that we have this crucified part, what else can make the metaverse notice?

Crypto makes the metaverse rotate

Anything can happen within the metaverse. And we say anything because, in part, no one knows what the future holds. At the moment, sports and entertainment are at the forefront of the race as there is a highly developed infrastructure that can be embraced in the visible world and transformed into it. A major factor contributing to this is related to their material economy. Take Roblox, Axie Infinity or Fornite. These metaverse-Esque platforms have achieved tremendous success, not only after their entertainment offerings but also in their thriving markets where users can buy, sell or exchange items to acquire native tokens like the V-Bucks or AXS. All of these indigenous digital communities rely on a visibly thriving economy to create new assets (such as NFTs), knowledge and jobs, which have helped shape the metaverse economic plan.

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There is no point in living a metaverse if there is no economy that can support the activities (and financial aspirations) of its users. Therefore, creating a monetary value can be an important factor in any real world. Remember, all kinds of activities can take place within a metaverse and users need strong enough encouragement to get into and stay in it. Competition, scarcity, supply and demand, are real-world economies that speak to any of us.

Blockchain-based currencies allow all assets within the metaverse to be easily and securely created, traded, shared and tracked, which may allow items to be seamlessly shipped to their users worldwide or meta locations. Within the Sensorium Galaxy, for example, one SENSO token costs $ 10 per unit. This measure applies to those who purchase SENSO for traditional payments. However, SENSO is also traded for crypto trading; a little over $ 2.5 at the time of writing, which means getting SENSO on the open market could offer a flexible discount to users.

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