Uses of AI in different companies like Google, Microsoft and Amazon

Uses of AI has increased a lot these days. So here we are going to learn how companies are using this AI to increase their income.

Uses of AI in different companies
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Uses of AI in different companies: In this 21st century, we are leading to a life full of applications of Artificial intelligence. And the implementation has already started. Like the self-driving cars by Tesla. The web search in google and many more. So, today we are going to see how the companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon are using AI.


Goole uses AI in many fields like the search engine designed by google uses AI to give us better results. Also, the image search uses machine learning for search.

Waymo, an advanced car manufacturing company, started as a project at Google. Today, Waymo tries to bring self-driving technology to the global market not only to transport people. But to reduce the number of accidents. Currently, the company cannot charge a fare. And the human driver is still sitting behind the wheel during the driving process.

Google has shown its delegation to deep learning by acquiring DeepMind. Another new AI feature from Google is Google Duplex. Using native language processing, the AI ​​voice interface can make calls and schedule appointments on your behalf.

Google’s main source their Ads distribution is using AI in all forms. From fetching the user’s needs to their recent browsing. This model of implementation of AI helped its income to rise  95%. Also, because of its AI, many companies like to use Google ADS.


From Microsoft’s vision statement, which reflects the company’s focus on having smart devices in the middle of everything they do. They include AI capabilities in all of its products and services, including Skype, Cortana, Bing, and Office 365.

Microsoft is also using AI technologies in its Azure cloud facilities. They are creating AI bots to handle the traffic. Also, Microsoft uses AI to fight hackers by learning from each company’s data using its own systems. The Microsoft Azure security team customizes security for common online behavior and browsing history. The company has succeeded in protecting its customers from fraudulent entry by bringing its false rating down from 2.8% to 0.001% (almost ignorable).

Microsoft is also intruding on the healthcare industry with its AI in Hanover initiative to find the best cancer therapy. A team of researchers at Microsoft has improved algorithms that help and supports scientists to understand how cancer develops. And that also helps predict the best drug combinations.


Amazon is best known for using the AI-powered pricing algorithm in its market to find the edge of the competition. The algorithm uses AI to optimize sales and revenue automatically by reducing product prices. To increase sales where needed and increase prices where there is a greater need. Dynamic algorithms have become increasingly complex over the years.

Amazon’s AI recommendation engines generate 35% of the company’s revenue. Amazon’s modern recommendation algorithm uses data from previous customer purchases, preferences, browsing history, search history. It creates a list of customized products that the customer needs to buy.

Amazon’s first voice assistant, Alexa, is powered by artificial intelligence which has helped many companies add value to customer life. Alexa is also combined with its products Amazon Music, Prime Video to provide personalized recommendations.

It uses infrastructure data and product purchase data to identify products that each customer is likely to purchase. It uses an AI-based sample strategy.


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