What are Artificial Intelligence examples

What are Artificial Intelligence examples?

We all are living in a world surrounded by technology. This AI is one of the finest among them. So, let us see some of the examples of it.

Voice Assistants

When our hands are full, we often use to order digital assistants to do the work for us. When driving, you can ask an assistant to call your mom. A voice assistant like Siri or google assistant or Alexa is an AI model that will access contacts, identify the word “Mom”, and dial a number. These assistants use NLP, ML, statistical analysis, and algorithmic analysis to determine what you are asking for and trying to get it for you. Voice and image search function in the same way.

Self Driving Cars

Not only smartphones but also cars are moving towards Artificial Intelligence. Tesla is something you miss if you are a car geek. This is one of the best superior cars available in the market. The car not only received many awards but also had features such as driving, prediction skills, and perfect technology.

If you are tech-savvy and dream of having a car like the one shown in Hollywood movies, Tesla is what you need in your garage. The car smarts day by day through air updates.

Search and Recommendation Algorithms

If you want to watch a movie or search anything online, have you seen that the items recommended to you are usually in line with your interests or recent searches? These clever compliments have learned how to behave and what you like over time by following your online activities. Data is collected at the front end (from the user) and stored and analyzed by machine-reading and in-depth reading. It can predict your preferences, frequency, and provide recommendations for what you want to buy or listen to next time.

Facial Detection and Recognition

The unlocking system now using AI to detect face like Face ID in I phones. The use of AI for face detection is also there for security and safety at government facilities and airports. Different locks in the doors are using it to unlock doors of rooms. This AI takes different pictures of the person from a different angle to make a 3D structure in its memory. Now while checking it scans the face and check with its saved data.


Industrial leaders still cannot agree on what the term “robot” entails. Roboticists understand that robots are programmed machines that perform tasks, but no one can pinpoint the exact meaning of that description.

Modernized robots powered by AI, have no common intelligence, but they are capable of resolving problems and “thinking” in a limited way.

From the operation of the Tesla assembly lines to teaching English to Japanese students, examples of artificial intelligence in the field of robots abound.

What are the benefits of AI technology in education?

Uses of AI in different companies like Google, Microsoft, and others.

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In conclusion, AI is capturing a huge place of our daily needs and uses. So, we need to be careful and reliable on these AI. So, if you like these examples share them with your friend and families.


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