Founded in 1994 in New York’s SoHo neighborhood, Supreme is considered one of the most popular streetwear brands ever.

Off-White’s designer streetwear pieces have been making waves on the couture runways and streets with their bold prints, ironic tags.

Some of the most coveted Awake NY streetwear apparel pieces in high demand right now in 2022 are jackets, hoodies, jeans for women, and sweatpants.

With a proper British style, and even though it was launched just in 2009, Palace has made a good name in the streetwear couture.

With deep roots in skating and punk’s countercultures, Obey has reached popularity by incorporating activism into their clothing.

Extended beyond outdoor clothing enthusiasts, The North Face has become a streetwear fashion style symbol.

Maybe not one of the cheap streetwear brands out there, but ‘The Hundreds’ makes clothing dedicated to the street culture from around the world.

Firstly, it’s a menswear store stocking some of the most coveted names in the mens’, womens’ sneaker (and streetwear) world.

The pair decided to channel their love of sneakers, music, and streetwear into a store housing all their favorite gear.

Sportswear giants like Nike, Adidas, and, of course, New Balance have benefitted from the movement’s sudden rise.