Earth Day Prompts Calls for Businesses to Go Green

Renewable and fossil-fuel energy is produced when wind generators are seen in front of a coal-fired power plant near Jackerath, Germany

If you want to solve climate change, follow the money, because the money is overwhelmingly moving into technological solutions, research and development, all of which are green.

There are devastating impacts from the use of plastic," Rogers said. Wildlife sometimes mistake it for food, and research has shown that tiny plastic particles have been found in human blood

A Karbi tribal woman, whose agriculture land had been transferred to build a solar power plant, grazes her cow near the plant in Mikir Bamuni village, Nagaon district

Holden Forests and Gardens is using Earth Day this year to highlight a program intended to increase the tree canopy cover for Greater Cleveland.

With so many daunting reports about the climate crisis, and so many people and species already being impacted by it, mere hope can feel like an incomplete response.

It was a wild weather year for Europe in 2021, and if the continued spike in greenhouse gas emissions is any indication, there will be more wild weather on the way.

The continued increase in greenhouse gases is the main driver behind the global increase in temperatures,” said Freja Vamborg, senior scientist at Copernicus and the lead author of the report.

A particularly bad heatwave in the Mediterranean helped to ignite severe wildfires which burned more than 800,000 hectares in countries including Greece, Turkey, more...