The deep blue hue, that Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez adore, is also called "royal".

Optimistic yellow: Cloudy autumn weather can effect even inveterate optimists, therefore, in order to maintain a good mood.

Emerald: this multifaceted green shade will become a real decoration of any wardrobe, and it’s suitable for everyday life.

Perfect gray: which can look very diverse dark graphite, liquid silver or quartz with pink-purple veins.

Spicy cinnamon: It will look most harmonious in combination with red, bright blue, saffron, white shades and others.

Lavender: the lavender shade was considered exclusively summer, but it turned out that it looks no worse on cardigans

Fiery red: most spectacular items - translucent blouses, extremely wide trousers and short leather dresses that look elegant.

White: white total look, just like the character of Anya Taylor-Joy in the last minutes of The Queen's Gambit series.

Olive branch: this color seems even tenderly. So, it's definitely not worth writing it off just because of the first impression.

Fuchsia: a matte leather coat and ankle boots with a steady heel, which guarantees you a lot of attention and admiring looks.

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