The Love Triangle

From the Sharmas' backstory to Kate's big accident, there are several ways the Netflix series differs from Julia Quinn's book.

The Sharma Backstory

Lady Mary has a much more thorny relationship with her parents in the series, having been virtually disowned by them for running away with Kate's father to India.

Kate's Unresolved Trauma

Season 2 does give space for Kate and Anthony to connect over their grief at having lost their fathers. But it removes another key piece of Kate's backstory


She doesn't get her scholar, but the Queen is keen on pairing her off with a prince, perhaps.

Edmund's Death

Grief and trauma are complicated, but this shift certainly makes it abundantly evident why his father's death really, and we mean really, messed Anthony up.

The Bee Sting Incident

The bee sting moment still happens, and it creates yet another moment of delicious sexual tension between Kate and Anthony.

The Wedding

Edwina ultimately chooses her own happiness, and Kate and Anthony finally kiss in a heated moment in the now empty chapel.

Kate's Accident

Both the novel and the series employ a serious accident involving Kate Sharma as the inciting incident for Anthony to realize how much he loves her.

Kanthony Forever

In the novel, Kate and Anthony marry while there's still a good third of the novel left. But those chapters follow their marriage as Anthony...

Bridgerton season 2

kissing under a shower of fireworks, before cutting to the future where they've returned from their honeymoon.