LaKeith Stanfield is breaking a promise he made to himself. He grew up in Victorville

Donald Glover’s FX series finally returns from an excruciating four-year hiatus with its third season on March 24.

Stanfield has become perhaps the preeminent character actor of his generation

He credits 1993’s Menace II Society and “all the hood movies from that time” with sparking his inspiration.

He thought it was just anxiety—the stress of making a movie coupled with that of living through a pandemic.

He grew up in Victorville, a sleepy desert city about 90 minutes outside Los Angeles

That unexpectedness extends to the way he plays the character. “For Darius, a lot of it is just letting me riff,”

There are things that I feel strongly about, and I need to find ways that are more creative and artistic to get those points across.”

Stanfield explains. “Coming back home is part of a ritual—checking in with yourself, going back to where things started

I don’t really care too much about what nobody thinks, but I don’t like when motherfuckers got me fucked up. You feel me?”