Aaron, Daryl, and Gabe without any armor — were able to successfully take out a group of trained soldiers wearing protective gear.

Since arriving at the Commonwealth, we haven't seen them interact at all (other than at a party where Magna was a waiter serving Yumiko drinks).

Of the "Isle of the Dead" announcement, Kang told Insider when they were writing this season they "did not know that it was going to be announced."

Is the end goal trying to fix the Commonwealth? Are Daryl, Carol, Aaron, and more going to try and get back to their homes?

We may get some version of that, but Carl and Sophia were killed off the show years ago and Rick is currently missing from the series.

Rick is shot dead in his bed by Sebastian Teo Rapp-Olsson. If someone else takes Rick's death, Aaron, who looks a lot like comic-book Rick right now.

Josh Hamilton has been doing an incredible job making the TV version of Lance Hornsby his own. Hamilton told unintentionally wound up doing a full series'

"The only complaint that I've had is that I wanted to have scenes with Melissa, who plays Carol, and we weren't able to do that.

Kevin Carroll's character was the one who kidnapped Michonne, one on the series who knows that she went off on an important mission to save Rick Grimes.

Andrew Lincoln on the final season when the actor was spotted in Atlanta, Georgia, where the series films, with friend and "TWD" costar Norman Reedus.