He's got new single "Good Good" (streaming now)

Usher says the collaboration "actually happened on the spot, and I was really excited about that.

Moments from the Vegas residency have made Usher go viral on a weekly basis

"Life is all about ebb and flow, highs or lows, so long as you stay within the mindset that life is like the stock market, life is like true balance," Usher says.

he tapped into that for a teaser video for the new song Friday, showing off exactly how he's made

Planting roots in one place with the residency has its advantages for the hardest working man in R&B

"I've been able to sit still and you know and do summer camps with my kids, and be able to teach my kids how to swim and have that time with them,"

"Good Good" highlights the reflective space he's in right now.

The singer-performer extraordinaire (and seemingly his phone, too) deserves a break